Before modifying a property within Dover Township, all residents and companies are asked to contact our office to be advised of the forms necessary for their project(s). Forms must be reviewed and approved by township officials at our office—2000 Red Hill Road, Dover, OH 44622. Again, prior to completing any forms, please contact the Township office to confirm if it is necessary for your project.

Dover Township is zoned. Please be aware that changes or additions to your property need to meet all zoning requirements. More information is available from the Township Zoning Inspector, Dave Weber. He is at the township office on Mondays from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Save time and money; please obtain any needed permits prior to starting your projects.

Forms for Individuals
Application for Zoning Amendment
Individuals looking to rezone a property—such as to change from residential to commercial, commercial to industrial, etc.—will need to submit this form. Please contact the Township office if you are interested in doing so as a Conditional Use Permit will most likely better suit your project’s needs.

Application for Building Permit
Residents who are modifying the exterior of an existing structure or adding an additional permanent structure to their property must submit an application for building permit to the Township office. Building permits are not required for interior modifications.

Application for Conditional Use Permit
Residents are asked to complete this form to have a zoning exception granted on a conditional basis—such as adding a store to a residential property.

Application for Driveway Permit
Individuals seeking to install a driveway adjacent to a Dover Township road must submit this form for approval.

Application for Zoning Variance
Individuals may need to submit this form for approval if they are building closer to a property line or road than is approved under zoning regulations.

Forms for Companies
Open Cut and Bore Permit
Companies digging across or boring under roadways must submit this form to the Dover Township Office prior to beginning the project.

Road Maintenance Agreements Companies wishing to use a township road for anything other than its original design must submit this form to the Dover Township Office prior to beginning the project.

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