Dover Township is zoned: changes or additions to your property need to meet all zoning requirements. More information is available from the Township Zoning Inspector, who is at the township office on Mondays from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Contact Zoning Inspector Dave Weber with questions at the office 330.343.6413 or on his cell phone 330.440.1944.

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Dover Township Zoning Book (Full)

Zoning Article 1 | General Provisions
Zoning Article 2 | Definitions
Zoning Article 3 | Administration
Zoning Article 4 | Establishment of Districts
Zoning Article 5 | District Regulations
Zoning Article 6 | Supplementary District Regulations
Zoning Article 7 | Non-Conforming Uses
Zoning Article 8 | Procedures and Requirements for Appeals and Variances
Zoning Article 9 | Conditional Zoning Requirements
Zoning Article 10 | Amendment
Zoning Article 11 | Enforcement

Dover Township Zoning Map
Dover Township Zoning Map (click to zoom)