A Message from Your Township Trustees

In this edition of the Dover Township newsletter, we introduce you to the new Zoning Inspector, say goodbye to the former, and review the changes to our Zoning Resolution. You’ll also hear from our Road Superintendent with a reminder about landscape disposal and preparations for winter road conditions.

At the end of 2020, we asked our residents to look at their neighbors and focus on their commonalities instead of their differences. We hoped, as so many did, that the dividing stresses of last year would not follow us into this year. Not only did they, but they seem to have amplified and landed closer to home.

We as township trustees are elected on nonpartisan ballots. As such, we don’t view our township along party lines: all we see are residents who have elected us to protect our rural traditions with modern solutions. We ask our residents to be kind to, support, and try to find common ground with their neighbors because no matter our differing views, we have all chosen to live here and likely for the same reasons.

As we enter 2022, we look forward to preserving the health, happiness, good-fortune, and safety of all our township residents and ask you to keep our local businesses in mind during holiday shopping. And if you have any good news that you would like to share in the newsletter or on the website, please submit it at dovertownship.us/news.

Don Wallick Named New Zoning Inspector

Lifelong Tuscarawas County resident Don Wallick became Dover Township’s new Zoning Inspector in July. On his new position, Don said, “I like working with people. I’ve worked with the public my entire life, and this is an extension of that. The township has been good to me over the years, and it’s nice to give back.”

Don is the principal auctioneer and owner of Don R. Wallick Auctions, which he opened in 1976. He is a member of the National Auctioneer Association and the Ohio Auctioneer Association, of which he is also a two-term member of the Board of Directors. He is also affiliated with the Lodge #59 Free and Accepted Masons. Don and his wife Sheryl have two sons, Ryan (Anne) and Brennan (Brooke), and three grandchildren, Teddy, Ellie, and Charlie.

Dover Township is zoned: any changes or additions to your property need to meet all zoning requirements. Please contact Don with questions or for the necessary paperwork in the Dover Township office Mondays, 9a – 12p or via phone at 330.343.6413.

Dover Township Thanks Dave Weber

The Dover Township trustees thank Dave Weber for serving as the township’s Zoning Inspector for six years (2015 – 2021). During his time with Dover Township, Dave worked hard to enforce the existing zoning guidelines and most recently oversaw the updating of the Zoning Resolution.

Weber said, “This position isn’t a job: it’s a passion. It’s about taking care of what you love and working to make it better. All I wanted was to make the township a better place to live and raise a family, and I think we did that one change at a time. Thank you to the trustees for having faith in me to make these changes for the continued betterment of our township. The township is where it is today because of the foresight of today’s trustees.”

Dave and his wife Cindy lived in Dover Township for more than 50 years and raised their children Andy (Susan), Renee (Winston), and Sheri in Dover. They recently relocated to Palm Coast, Florida and have six grandchildren.

Dover Township Accepts Additions, Changes to Zoning Resolution

During a June 23 public hearing, Dover Township’s Zoning Commission presented recommendations for changes and additions to the township’s zoning resolution, last updated in 2004. The trustees reviewed these recommendations during their July 6 meeting and approved them following a public hearing on July 20. Both public hearings were advertised in The Times Reporter ten days prior to the hearings, and the revised Dover Township Zoning Resolution was submitted to the County Recorder and went into effect August 24, 2021. The Zoning information on the Dover Township website has been updated at dovertownship.us/zoning.

Please contact Zoning Inspector Don Wallick at the Dover Township Office at 330.343.6413 or on his cell phone at 330.340.1414 if you have any questions about how these changes affect existing structures or to complete the proper paperwork for new projects.

New Additions to the Zoning Resolution
To address new challenges that have arisen in our township, five additions were added to the Zoning Resolution as items 617 – 621. These are new items and were not included in any previous version of our Zoning Resolution. The full language for each item is below:

617 Recreational Vehicles & Structures
Definition: A portable vehicular structure or recreation structure such as, but not limited to, travel trailers, RVs, boats, campers and tents.
Recreational vehicles and structures may not be used as a permanent residential or commercial structure. They may be used as temporary residential or commercial structures for a period of time not to exceed 30 days unless granted permission by the Zoning Inspector or Zoning Appeals Board. They are permitted on properties if the following conditions are met:
1) If applicable, a current license plate is displayed on the vehicle.
2) If applicable, all tires on the vehicle are functional and roadworthy.
3) Utilities such as electrical, water and sewer are not hooked up or attached to the structure for more than 30 days.
4) The vehicle or structure must leave the property at least once per calendar year.

618 Firearms
All firearms must be operated in a manner that complies with state and local hunting and discharge regulations as well as NRA backstop safety guidelines.

619 Renewable Energy
Additions of any freestanding renewable energy device, such as but not limited to freestanding wind energy conversion systems (FWECS) and solar panels, to any property within Dover Township requires a Conditional Use permit.

620 Shipping Container Homes, Tiny Homes, Guest Homes
Dover Township defines a residence as a 1,200 sq. ft. minimum building structure constructed on a frost-free foundation. Any residential structure that does not meet the definition of a residential structure requires a Conditional Use permit. No shipping container home, tiny home, or guest home is permitted in Dover Township without a Conditional Use permit.

621 Skills Games & Gambling
Definition: Skills games and gambling refer to any game, contest, or amusement in which the outcome is determined by the judgment, skill, or physical ability of the participant or by chance.
The use of skills games and/or gambling machines in Dover Township including on commercial properties for a period of time longer than seven (7) days is not permitted unless a Conditional Use Permit has been approved and issued by the Zoning Appeals Board.

Changes and Amended Language to the Zoning Resolution
Language in five articles was changed or amended to clarify fencing expectations, address the public safety issues that arise from raised decks around above ground pools, expand the definition of disabled vehicles, specify at what height unmowed lawns become noxious on residential properties, and to address cellular technology advancements. The updated language for these articles is presented below. The new or revised language is italicized.

605 Fences
A building permit is required for all fences and hedges. Fences or shrubbery shall be erected or planted with enough space for the property owner to maintain the fence or hedge as well as the property on either side. The material used shall not contain any sharp points or any other hazardous material. Fences or shrubbery shall not exceed forty-eight (48) inches in height along any side street or around the front of the property facing the street.
No fence exceeding six (6) ft. shall be erected on any portion of a lot. Height shall be figured from the ground level up. No structure, fill or vegetation shall be erected, placed, planted or allowed to grow on any corner lot so as to create a sight impairment within seventy five (75) feet of the intersecting centerlines of any two or more streets. Sight distance is determined between the centerlines at a height of three feet, nine inches (3’9”) above the actual grades of the street.

607 Pools
Public or private in-ground or above-ground swimming, wading or other pools containing more than four (4) ft. of water depth shall be considered a structure for the purpose of this Resolution. A Building Permit will be required and shall conform to all required yard and set back lines. All in-ground pools shall have a fence constructed around them to provide for public safety. All above ground pools must have a secured entrance or barrier limiting access to the pool when not in use to provide for public safety.

608 Parking Disabled Vehicles
No person shall park, store, leave, or permit the parking or storing of any unlicensed motor, watercraft or construction vehicles or equipment or any vehicle in a rusted, wrecked, junk, partially dismantled, inoperative, or abandoned condition, whether attended or not, upon any property within the Township unless it is completely enclosed within a building.

611 Objectionable, Noxious, or Dangerous Uses, Practices, or Conditions
No land or building in any district shall be occupied or used in any manner which creates or contributes to the existence of conditions which are dangerous, injurious, harmful, noxious, or objectionable, or which may otherwise adversely affect surrounding areas or adjoining premises, except that any use permitted by this Resolution may be undertaken or maintained if acceptable measures and safeguards to reduce any dangerous or objectionable conditions to acceptable limits, as established in this Section, are properly exercised. Specifically, the occupation or use of any land or building in any district shall be in violation of this Resolution if one or more of the following conditions is found to exist at any time:
Conditions 1-11 follow and are unchanged. Condition 12 has been added.

  1. Residential lawns on properties zoned R1 and R2 with weeds, vegetation, or grass higher than eight inches (8”) are deemed noxious.

614 Cellular Wireless Technology Sites
In light of the opinion of the Ohio Supreme Court in Campanelli v. AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., 85 Ohio St. 3d 103, which held that townships may not regulate cellular telephone towers in commercial or industrial areas are limited to regulating them to the extent permitted by 519.211 ORC in residential area, that proposed to be located in any residential or agricultural residential area of Dover Township. The Township Zoning Inspector and/
or Clerk, when in receipt of a notice from a cellular telephone company proposing a wireless technology site, such as but not limited to a tower, pole, or an antenna, in a residential area, will immediately send to them a notice of our objection and our requirement that they be bound by the requirements of 519.211 and that they be bound and that they will be required to obtain a conditional use permit from the Board of Zoning Appeals for such a use.

To address the Regional Planning changes to the minimum lot size for properties zoned R1, the minimum lot size for an R1 property was changed from 40,000 to 60,000 square feet on the District Regulation Chart.

What’s Happening on our Roadways From Road Superintendent, Steve Miller

This spring and summer, our road crew worked hard to chip and seal over five miles and pave over two miles of roadways. While our road crew does still have some mowing to complete while the weather permits, we are primarily gearing up for upcoming winter weather.

An Important Message for our Willow Glen Residents
Do not dump leaves and yard debris on our roads or in our creeks. If winter weather is in the forecast, do not park vehicles on the streets to ensure our snowplow and salt trucks are able to get through.

Yard Waste and Fall Foliage Clean-up
Please do not blow, rake, or dump your leaves and landscape debris on township roadways or into waterways. It is imperative that we keep our creeks and ditches free of leaves and other debris to ensure that our culverts remain clear.

Dumping debris from private residences into public waterways is illegal. While we do clean what naturally falls into the waterways, Dover Township is not responsible for clean-up of debris from private property and does not provide curbside leaf clean-up anywhere in the township, including in our densely-populated neighborhoods.

If you are unable to properly compost your yard waste on your property, residents are encouraged to utilize Dover’s Yard Waste Collection Center. Located at 100 N. Tuscarawas Avenue behind the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The center is open 8a – 7p daily through April 30. Residents can drop-off grass, flower, and garden clippings; leaves; branches; and shrubs. Items must be unbagged.

If you intend to burn leaves and yard waste, visit epa.ohio.gov for more information about open burning in Ohio.

Winter Road Preparation
Winter weather is rapidly approaching, and we would like to ask all Dover Township residents to help us keep our roads safe this winter. Please watch for our snowplow and salt trucks, giving them the space they need to safely salt and clear our roads. We ask this for both your safety and theirs.

During the 2020-2021 winter weather season, Dover Township salted roads 11 times and plowed and salted roads 14 times, using a total of 1,200 tons of salt and salt-mixed materials. As we have 800 tons of salt and salt-mixed materials remaining from last season, we ordered 700 additional tons to be delivered throughout the 2021-2022 season. We purchased our salt this year at $54.52/ton. Last year salt prices were $69.63/ton.

Things to do This Winter

Meet Santa at the Dover Public Library, December 18, 11a – 12p
Join Santa for storytime and photos. This program will be held in the Childrens Library at the Dover Public Library. For more information, call the library at 330-343-6123.

Catch a show at The Little Theatre.
Always… Patsy Cline, Directed by Rex Huffman, January 7-9, 14-16
Disaster!, Directed by Bart Herman, February 18-20, 25-27, March 4-6.
More information at thelittletheatreonline.org

Dinner and a show at Hoodletown Brewery.
Live music, Saturdays, 7-10p.

Be entertained at the Performing Arts Center.
January 6, 730p, Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder
January 8, 730p, Magic & Mayhem
January 15, 730p, Easton Corbin
January 22, 430p, Paddington Gets in a Jam
January 25, 730p, Cirque Mechanics: Birdhouse Factory
January 29, 730p Yankee Bravo
February 1, 730p, The Unauthorized Biography Series
February 4, 730p, Sammy Kershaw & Collin Raye
February 13, 730p, Richard Marx
February 25, 730p, Third Coast Percussion
Purchase tickets at www.kent.edu/tuscpac