Road work planned this winter

The Dover Township road crew is preparing equipment for winter snow removal, salting and de-icing. This includes making 750 tons of road salt available for the upcoming cold-weather season.

Before the winter weather rolls in, the crew will do another round of mowing township-wide. As always, we ask those traveling in and around Dover Township to practice extra caution when our road crew is working to clear all 48-miles of township roadways. Please practice extra safety and patience when traveling this winter.

Those traveling Bair Road will notice the damage caused to that road during summer projects being repaired by ODOT in November. Dover Township will also repave the road in its entirety in November.

2016 road repair will be determined in the spring. We try to be proactive when we notice issues along our roadways, but ask residents to please call or email our road crew for hazardous road conditions.

Sheriff’s Office Launches Anti-Drug Website

By Chief Deputy Orvis Campbell

The Sheriff’s Office has joined forces with our local Anti-Drug Coalition to develop an anti-drug website. Called, teens can see first-hand the devastating physical effects from methamphetamine abuse, and parents can receive information to help keep their teens safer from drugs. Parents can watch short anti-drug movies with their teens and then take the opportunity to discuss the importance of making good life decisions.

This website was developed by Grantstreet Creative, a local vendor, who will maintain the site and keep it up-to-date for our users.  Click here to check it out.

It’s Campfire Season. Know Open Burning Regulations.

Barbecues, campfires, and cookouts are great—when open burning fires are safe and within state and township regulations. And one can make an argument for fires to rid properties of excess brush or waste. However, there are a few things to consider before lighting any open burning fire in Dover Township.

It is illegal statewide to burn the following: garbage—waste created in the process of handing, preparing, cooking, or consuming food; anything containing rubber, grease or asphalt; anything made from petroleum (like tires, cars, auto parts, and plastic); or deceased animals unless approval by a governing agency has been provided for the purpose of disease control.

Fires for barbecues, campfires, and cookout should not exceed 2 feet high and 3 feet wide and should be made with clean seasoned firewood.

Fires for agricultural or residential waste must contain only waste generated on-site and be more than 1,000 feet from neighboring inhabited buildings. If an agricultural pile exceeds 20 feet wide by 10 feet high or a residential pile exceeds 10 cubic feet, permission to burn the pile must be requested from the Ohio EPA.

Because open burning can release many kinds of toxic fumes or send millions of spores into the air, it is always best to consider an alternative method to open burning. The Ohio EPA recommends reducing the amount of residential waste generated (consider reusing cloth grocery bags instead of burning paper ones) and reusing or recycling items. They also suggest composting in lieu of agricultural fires.

As always, have a safe and happy fall season. For more information about open burning regulations in the State of Ohio, visit or contact the Southeast District Office at 740.385.8501.

Upcoming Events at Norma Johnson Center

Now in their 25th year, the Norma Johnson Center continues to fulfill its mission of promoting the conservation and preservation of natural resources through education, outreach and experience with a series of events at the end of 2015.

Santa’s Workshop
November 14, 9a-12p, open to first 24 registrants, $35 per child six years or older
Hosted at the Brandywine Center, children will make five gifts with the help of Santa’s helpers. Adult must be present the entire time. Deadline to register is November 1.

Creative Canvas Painting Class
November 14, 2p-5p, registration required, $35 per person
Taught by Roxanne Bruce of Creative Canvas, LLC. At the Brandywine Center, this class provides participants with three hours to learn, unwind, and paint with old and new friends. Checks must be made out to Roxanne Bruce.

Celebrate the Season and Luminary Trail Walk
December 5, 3p-7p, open to all, free
Bring the family to the Red Barn from 3p-5p for a visit with Santa Claus, storytelling, hiking, crafts, a petting farm, and—of course—hot chocolate and cookies.

Then walk the luminary trail from 5p-7p with your family and friends. Interested in creating a luminary for the trail? Those who would like to search for their very own luminary during the walk can turn in their creation to NJC no later than December 3. More information is available on the website.

To register for any of these events or ask questions, contact Marsha Zoller at 330.339.7976. Registration forms and payments should be mailed to Norma Johnson Center, 85 E Iron Avenue  Dover, OH 44622.

Visit to see a complete calendar of events and learn more about the organization.

A Word from Dover Township Trustee John Miceli

As we near the end of 2015, we use our final newsletter to reflect on the successes we’ve already achieved and
remind you of those we anticipate in the coming months.

Head shot Miceli-11A FOR RELEASEVery soon, and perhaps most importantly, registered voters will have
the opportunity to help decide the fate of proposed legislature and
candidates. Before you head to the polls, we encourage you to research
these issues and candidates, so you can make an informed decision on
Tuesday, November 3.

Exclusive to digital newsletter subscribers and website visitors is an
article detailing Norma Johnson Center’s final events for the year.
Including Santa’s Workshop, a painting course, and their Celebrate the
Season event, these offerings are a wonderful opportunity to support
one of our Township’s great organizations.

We have added a new feature to our website that allows individuals,
businesses and organizations to submit their information, news, and
events for inclusion on our site and in our newsletter. We’re proud of our residents and organizations and
would like to spread the news of their successes.

From myself and all of your Township trustees and officials, we wish you a blessed and safe holiday and
winter season.

Residents Encouraged to Vote Tuesday, November 3

Before you head to the polls on November 3, here are a few important reminders from the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections (BOE) website.

Submit absentee ballots in-person or via mail by November 3. Any qualified voter may vote by absentee ballot without providing a reason. To do so, visit the BOE office—101 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia—or submit an application for an absentee voter’s ballot online.

Bring your ID to the polls. Every voter will be required to provide proof of identity before voting. Eligible forms of identification include: current and valid photo identification card; military identification; copy of utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check; or government document showing your name and current address.

The deadline to register to vote was October 5.

Visit for additional voting information, including polling locations and a complete list of general election candidates and issues.


Lights and Signs: A Reminder from Zoning Inspector Dave Weber

We’ve received a lot of questions recently from businesses and individuals regarding lights and signs in Dover Township, and I would like to take a moment to remind you of our zoning regulations and request that those interested in placing a sign or business lighting first review our regulations online or call me.

Before buying or ordering a sign, please confirm that the size and fixture are permissible under our zoning regulations. We also have strict rules on signs and lights that move in any way. Also remember that all signs must contain the name and phone number of the party responsible for maintenance.

Before installing a sign, please call to confirm that it meets all electrical, building and zoning codes. This saves us all from headaches down the road.

We have more than seven pages of very specific information regarding signs and lights in the zoning book, so we ask that you please review these and call the Township Office prior to purchasing or placing any sign or business lighting on your property.

Click here to review our zoning policies. Policies governing lights and signs begin on page 43 of the full Zoning Book or can be located in Article 6, Supplementary District Regulations.

Bottom line: we’re here to help. Sorting through the Zoning regulations can be a daunting task. Luckily, knowing all the ins and outs of our zoning is my job. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions at the Township Office Mondays from 9a-12p at 330.343.6413 or anytime on my cell phone 330.440.1944.