Rooted in More Than 200 Years of Tradition.

Dover Township was erected March 6, 1810, and had these original boundaries: Beginning at the northeast corner of the third quarter of Township 9, Range 2; thence south to the Muskingum (Tuscarawas) River; thence with the meanders of the same to where the section line, dividing the first and sea and quarters of Township 8, Range 2, crosses the river; thence south to the southeast corner of the third quarter of Township 8. Range 2; thence west to to the county line ; thence north to the northwest corner of the third quarter of Township 9, Range 4; thence east to the place of beginning. It was taken from the west part of Goshen, and included within its original boundaries what is now Sugarcreek and the greater portions of the present Dover, York and Auburn Townships.

The house of Christian Deardorff was selected as the first voting place, and the first Monday in April, 1810, was the date of the earliest election.

The early settlers of Dover Township were principally Pennsylvania Germans. They remained citizens of the township, almost without exception, through life, and the descendants of many still dwell in the abodes of their ancestors. In later years an almost purely German stream of emigration has been filling the hills and vales with citizens; so that at this time the preponderating element of population is of this nationality.

Today Dover Township has a diverse population of 4506 with 1654 households; we have 47.54 miles of paved road.

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