Our community is a great one because of the residents who live and work here. Homes are neatly kept, roads are well maintained, local businesses are supported, and children attend excellent schools. However, our community is not without disagreement or change, and that’s where we come in.

As your Township Trustees, we are always available to hear concerns or new ideas. In most cases, your neighbors are too. Get to know them. Have a friendly discord; so that when issues do arise (and they always do), you can have a polite discussion before bringing in the township officials.

Too often, people assume the intent of someone else’s actions. Before you do, ask. Consider your neighbors when making changes to your property or when using your property in a way that effects them (like adding fencing near property lines or firing guns). Before calling us with a grievance, let your neighbor know that something just doesn’t seem right to you. And if a compromise can’t be reached or concerns fall on deaf ears, call us. That’s what we’re here for.

One concern that we’ve heard from numerous residents is about reckless driving on township roads. Our roads are often traveled by slow-moving farm equipment, residents walking their dogs or running, and motorcyclists and tourists taking in our rural landscapes. These roads wind through hills and have loose gravel, small shoulders and often hidden drives.

Residents don’t feel safe pulling out of their driveways or walking their dogs because drivers are going too fast or are not paying attention (and too often at the same time). We would like to remind everyone to please consider their neighbors while driving, especially in winter weather. Slow down. Pay attention. Share the road. Drive like you live here. (Because we do.)