Fire Department, Township—partners in public protection

By Chief Russ Volkert

Over the last two decades, the Dover Fire Department and the Dover Township Office have worked together on numerous public safety initiatives that protect Dover Township residents.

Beginning in the late 1990s, the City and Township—in cooperation with the City of New Philadelphia—installed a combined network of outdoor tornado warning sirens. Due to the vastness of the Township, it has been necessary to place the sirens in the most populated areas. Additional sirens will likely be installed as areas develop and funds become available.

Additionally, Dover Township has spent the last 20 years providing the Dover Fire Department with much-needed lifesaving and safety equipment. This includes the placement of numerous dry hydrants in strategic locations throughout the township to facilitate water shuttle operations when a fire does occur.

In addition, the township purchased a rescue boat, trailer, and the command-and-extended-operations trailer, which the Fire Department updated and refurbished to suit its needs. The township has also matched funds for the Fire Department’s first Incident Support vehicle and provided $150,000 toward major fire response vehicle replacement.

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