Trustee Notes

By John Miceli

Hello fellow Dover township residents!

It was pretty much a “normal” winter, if there is such a thing in Ohio. I believe the township road crew did an outstanding job of clearing the roads of snow and ice in a timely manner. In most cases our township roads were cleared and in better shape than the county and state roads. As you traveled on our township roads this spring, you saw firsthand the damage the winter frost had endowed on them. By the time of this writing our township road crew has repaired most of the winter damage with completion scheduled soon. It’s spring again, and what a wet one it is. This weather pattern has brought its own challenges with rain washing and filling the road culverts with leaves, sticks, litter and other debris. This requires the township to regularly check all culverts to make sure they are clear and water is not causing a hazard on the road or diverting to private property. A wet spring will bring a bumper crop of road side foliage for the township to maintain.

The financial outlook is for Dover Township to have the stress of increased operating costs with less money available. As always, your township officials continue to be very frugal with your money. This year we will not have the road resurfacing program that was employed in previous years. In prior years we have been very aggressive on resurfacing roads, and because of this, we will have decent roads and be able to operate within our current budget constraints.

You have probably heard Dover Schools would like to build a new high school. As a Dover Township resident, most of you pay taxes to the Dover School system. As a tax payer, you should stay informed of the developments as the Dover Board of Education is planning to put a tax issue on the November ballot. Your trustees are committed to staying on top of the issue, as this will affect every person in the Dover School District.

Lastly, if you have any comments, recommendations or advice on the Township newsletter or if you would like to have it delivered electronically, please contact us at

Originally published in the First Half 2011 Newsletter. Download here.

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