Upcoming Events at Norma Johnson Center

Below is a select list of upcoming events at Norma Johnson Center. For a complete list, please visit normajohnsoncenter.com.

July 17-27
Traveling Butterfly Exhibit | Picnic Shelter
No Registration | Donation

August 23
Jakes Day | Conservation Day for youth
Must register | Free

September 27
6p-Picnic by the pond | 7p-Night hike | Picnic Shelter
No registration | Free

October 11
Fall Fest | 12p-5p | Conservation Drive
Donation | $5/car

November 8
Santa’s Workshop | 9a-12p | Brandywine Center
Must register | $35/child

Originally published in the Summer 2014 Newsletter

Sheriff’s Office Urges Citizen Involvement

Photo courtesy of The Times Reporter: Tuscarawas County Sheriff Chief Deputy Orvis Campbell
Photo courtesy of The Times Reporter: Tuscarawas County Sheriff Chief Deputy Orvis Campbell

By Chief Deputy Orvis Campbell

An alert citizen can make a difference by reporting suspicious activity to our office. It is that simple. Too often, we find that citizens were reluctant to call beforehand because they did not wish to bother our deputies with uncertain or sketchy information. From burglaries to vandalism, we want our citizens to play a proactive role in our community and help us prevent these types of crimes. So if you see suspicious activity of any kind, please do not hesitate to call (330)339-2000. If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1. Better to be safe than sorry.

With summer quickly approaching, door-to-door scams will be on the rise. A few examples are as follows:

– A contractor who drives-by and notices that you could use a little work on your roof, siding, etc. Nomadic work crews travel in summer and are often drawn to areas that have suffered storm damage.

– A paving company that just happens to have a bit of extra asphalt on the truck and will cut you a deal to resurface your driveway.

– The magazine subscription seller who is going door-to-door to help pay college tuition, supplement a military salary, or collecting for a charity.

Scam artists will use various tactics to make their pitches sound believable. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure the contractor, charity, or other organization is legitimate before acting. If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, please contact our office for assistance.

Originally published in the Summer 2014 Newsletter

Dover Fire Department Acquires New Vehicle

By Chief Russ Volkert
An unexpected opportunity arose when the Dover Fire Department (DFD) purchased for $23,000 a used walk-in rescue truck from Pottsville, PA. After outfitting and modifying the unit—which included $6,500 in emergency lights and high-intensity scene lighting funded by Dover Township—the DFD has invested nearly $40,000 total in the vehicle. A comparable new unit would cost $600,000.

While a great asset to the DFD, the new unit will likely only be used 10-20 times annually as an ancillary or support unit and will not serve as a frontline response vehicle. For this reason, we considered it wasteful to purchase a new purpose-built unit when a suitable used rig could be easily and inexpensively modified.

Our new vehicle allows us to combine the roles of both Rescue and Fire Support and Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Support into one all-purpose vehicle. As a result we have leased our old support truck to Tuscarawas County for use by the HAZMAT team and the eventual replacement of their aging decontamination trailer. We also replaced our off-site, county-owned HAZMAT truck.

The purchase of our new vehicle and the subsequent leasing of our old trucks is a win-win for both the Dover Fire Department and the Tuscarawas County HAZMAT Team—which helps Dover City and Township as well as the whole Tuscarawas County.
Please visit http://www.dovertownship.us to see images of our new rig.

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Originally published in the Summer 2014 Newsletter

A Word from Dover Township Trustee John Miceli

Head shot Miceli-11A FOR RELEASEAs township officials, we often fail to address—with you, our Dover Township residents—the tireless efforts of our road crew. This three-man team works year-round to prevent the deterioration of our near 50-miles of roadways. Whether they are plowing snow and applying salt in winter or filling potholes and clearing ditches and culverts in spring, our crew deserves our constant thanks—and far more importantly—your attention while driving. Be alert this summer as our crew mows your township roads.

If you have not yet seen Dover Township’s new location at 2000 Red Hill Road, please take a moment to drive past. Formerly a blighted brickyard, our new location has been prudently designed to efficiently serve current and future-generations as the central hub for officials, road crews, and residents. Subscribe to our digital newsletter for information about the completion of our renovation.

To reduce waste and streamline our communications with you, our printed newsletter has been reformatted to concisely provide only the most important information. It is also available electronically and will be emailed to residents who register at http://www.dovertownship.us. Our website has also been reformatted to provide you with up-to-the-minute news from our office and other Tuscarawas County agencies, frequently requested forms, zoning information, and our archives. Township officials strongly encourage you to visit the new website and sign-up for our email list and digital newsletter.

 Originally published in the Summer 2014 Newsletter

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