Road Closures and Winter Road Preparedness

The Dover Township road crew is preparing equipment for winter snow removal, salting and de-icing. Due to an unseasonably mild winter last year, the township currently has a  surplus of salt available.

Before the winter weather rolls in, the crew will do a third and final round of mowing township-wide. As always, we ask those traveling in and around Dover Township to practice extra caution when our road crew is working to clear all 48-miles of township roadways. Please also practice extra safety and patience when traveling this winter.

There are no current road closures to report within Dover Township. This summer our road crews completed seven miles of chip-and-seal and one mile of paving.

2017 road repair will be determined in the spring. We try to be proactive when we notice issues along our roadways, but ask residents to please call or email our road crew for hazardous road conditions.

From Your Dover Township Trustees: Vote Tuesday, November 8

In the 2012 General Election, 75% of registered Dover Township voters showed up at the polls. Compared to the national average of 58% in that election, we did pretty good—but we still think we can do better than 3 out of 4.

We’ve missed the deadline to remind you to register to vote: that was October 11. But we haven’t missed the opportunity to remind you to vote on November 8.

We say this before ever election because we mean it. The single most important thing you can do as a United States citizen is to participate in the democratic process, casting your vote at each and every election.

Some reminders: when you vote on November 8, don’t forget your ID. Every voter is required to provide proof of identity before voting. If you’re voting in absentia, you can submit absentee ballots in-person or via mail through November 7. Any qualified voter may vote by absentee ballot without providing a reason. To do so, visit the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections (BOE) office—101 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia—or print your request for an absentee ballot from the BOE website.

Write it on your calendar, set an alarm on your phone or computer, put a Post-It on the fridge. Do whatever you have to do to remember to vote this November 8.

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Dover Township Trustees Unanimously Pass Resolution Supporting Dover High School Bond Issue

The Bargain Hunter | September 22, 2016

The Dover Township trustees hosted representatives of Dover City Schools at their regularly scheduled meeting on September 20. At the meeting Dover City Schools superintendent Carla Birney, Dover treasurer Brenda Hurst and Dover Board of Education President John Maxwell presented information to the trustees concerning the Dover City Schools bond issue to build a new Dover High School, which will appear on the ballot at the Nov. 8 general election.

After hearing the presentation, which included the trustees asking several follow-up questions concerning the current plan, the trustees unanimously passed a “resolution of support for the Dover School bond issue for the construction of a new high school to be voted on during the general election on Nov. 8, 2016.”

John Miceli moved for the adoption of the resolution, which was seconded by John Fondriest and approved by unanimous consent.

The resolution states that “the Dover Board of Education has placed on the Nov. 8, 2016, ballot a bond issue to be used to build a new high school to provide a modern education and honor the tradition of Dover High School” and that “the trustees of Dover Township recognize the importance of a strong school system for the community.”

The resolution concludes that “therefore be it resolved that the Dover Township trustees through this resolution show their support for the November bond issue.”

Click here to learn about the Dover City School’s bond issue.

Zoning Reminder for Home Improvement

Dover Township is zoned. Changes or additions to your property must meet all zoning requirements.

More information is available from the Township Zoning Inspector, Dave Weber. He is at the township office on Mondays from 9a – 12p. Contact Dave with questions at the office at 330.343.6413 or on his cell phone 330.440.1944.

Click here to review fees and rates and download forms before beginning these projects.

When Do You Stop for School Buses?

By Chief Deputy Orvis Campbell

With school back in full swing, our office would like to take this opportunity to remind drivers of school bus laws. When buses are picking up and dropping off school children:

All drivers traveling on two-lane roads must stop at least 10 feet from the front or rear of the school bus.

On roads with four lanes or more, drivers traveling in the same direction must stop. Drivers approaching the bus in the opposite direction do not stop because school buses in Ohio are only allowed to drop off and pick up on the side of the road the child resides.

Drivers must remain stopped until the bus resumes motion or until the bus driver signals that drivers can proceed.

Violations can result in fines up to $500.00 and a suspended license for up to a year.

Confused? Ask yourself this simple question: am I traveling on a two-lane road? If yes, stop. Dover Township is mainly two-lanes, so this rule will apply most often near your home.

Family Events in and around Dover Township

There are many family events scheduled in and around Dover Township this holiday season.

25 | Dover Public Library Movie and Pumpkin Carving, 3-430p, Grades 6-12
26 | Dover Lions Club Halloween Parade, 645p, registration and participation free, form
28 | Tuscarawas YMCA Family Night The Monster Mash, 6p, register
29 | City of Dover Trick-or-Treat, 6-8p

4 | Tuscarawas YMCA Family Night Thanksgiving Celebration, 6p, register
5 | Norma Johnson Center Santa’s Workshop, 9a-12p, $35/child, register at 330.339.7976
9 | Norma Johnson Center Home School Wednesday, Moon Phases, 9-11a, register at 330.339.7976
12 | Dover Public Library Turtle Tank, 2-3p, register at 330.343.6123

3 | Norma Johnson Center Celebrate the Season, 3-7p, Free / Norma Johnson Center Luminary Trail Walk, 5-7p
8 | Dover Public Library Christmas Jar Miracle, 6-730p, register at 330.343.6123
14 | Norma Johnson Center Home School Wednesday, Where Do Insects Go, 9-11a, register at 330.339.7976
15 | Dover Public Library Santa Claus, 545-645p
16 | Tuscarawas YMCA Family Night Christmas Party, 6p, register

If you would like an event included in our next newsletter or on our website, click here to submit information.