What’s Happening on our Roadways From Road Superintendent, Steve Miller

This spring and summer, our road crew worked hard to chip and seal over five miles and pave over two miles of roadways. While our road crew does still have some mowing to complete while the weather permits, we are primarily gearing up for upcoming winter weather.

An Important Message for our Willow Glen Residents
Do not dump leaves and yard debris on our roads or in our creeks. If winter weather is in the forecast, do not park vehicles on the streets to ensure our snowplow and salt trucks are able to get through.

Yard Waste and Fall Foliage Clean-up
Please do not blow, rake, or dump your leaves and landscape debris on township roadways or into waterways. It is imperative that we keep our creeks and ditches free of leaves and other debris to ensure that our culverts remain clear.

Dumping debris from private residences into public waterways is illegal. While we do clean what naturally falls into the waterways, Dover Township is not responsible for clean-up of debris from private property and does not provide curbside leaf clean-up anywhere in the township, including in our densely-populated neighborhoods.

If you are unable to properly compost your yard waste on your property, residents are encouraged to utilize Dover’s Yard Waste Collection Center. Located at 100 N. Tuscarawas Avenue behind the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The center is open 8a – 7p daily through April 30. Residents can drop-off grass, flower, and garden clippings; leaves; branches; and shrubs. Items must be unbagged.

If you intend to burn leaves and yard waste, visit epa.ohio.gov for more information about open burning in Ohio.

Winter Road Preparation
Winter weather is rapidly approaching, and we would like to ask all Dover Township residents to help us keep our roads safe this winter. Please watch for our snowplow and salt trucks, giving them the space they need to safely salt and clear our roads. We ask this for both your safety and theirs.

During the 2020-2021 winter weather season, Dover Township salted roads 11 times and plowed and salted roads 14 times, using a total of 1,200 tons of salt and salt-mixed materials. As we have 800 tons of salt and salt-mixed materials remaining from last season, we ordered 700 additional tons to be delivered throughout the 2021-2022 season. We purchased our salt this year at $54.52/ton. Last year salt prices were $69.63/ton.

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