Dover Township Thanks Dave Weber

The Dover Township trustees thank Dave Weber for serving as the township’s Zoning Inspector for six years (2015 – 2021). During his time with Dover Township, Dave worked hard to enforce the existing zoning guidelines and most recently oversaw the updating of the Zoning Resolution.

Weber said, “This position isn’t a job: it’s a passion. It’s about taking care of what you love and working to make it better. All I wanted was to make the township a better place to live and raise a family, and I think we did that one change at a time. Thank you to the trustees for having faith in me to make these changes for the continued betterment of our township. The township is where it is today because of the foresight of today’s trustees.”

Dave and his wife Cindy lived in Dover Township for more than 50 years and raised their children Andy (Susan), Renee (Winston), and Sheri in Dover. They recently relocated to Palm Coast, Florida and have six grandchildren.

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