A Message from Your Township Trustees

In this edition of the Dover Township newsletter, we introduce you to the new Zoning Inspector, say goodbye to the former, and review the changes to our Zoning Resolution. You’ll also hear from our Road Superintendent with a reminder about landscape disposal and preparations for winter road conditions.

At the end of 2020, we asked our residents to look at their neighbors and focus on their commonalities instead of their differences. We hoped, as so many did, that the dividing stresses of last year would not follow us into this year. Not only did they, but they seem to have amplified and landed closer to home.

We as township trustees are elected on nonpartisan ballots. As such, we don’t view our township along party lines: all we see are residents who have elected us to protect our rural traditions with modern solutions. We ask our residents to be kind to, support, and try to find common ground with their neighbors because no matter our differing views, we have all chosen to live here and likely for the same reasons.

As we enter 2022, we look forward to preserving the health, happiness, good-fortune, and safety of all our township residents and ask you to keep our local businesses in mind during holiday shopping. And if you have any good news that you would like to share in the newsletter or on the website, please submit it at dovertownship.us/news.

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