Road salt prices have more than doubled this year, but Dover Township Trustees were prepared. “The average price per ton for road salt during the last six years is $58.53, which makes last year’s rate one of the lowest we’ve seen,” said Drew Yosick. “We took advantage of this and filled the salt bins at the end of last season.”

As a result, the township currently has more than 500 tons stored, more than half of the average 900 tons needed each winter. The township will be purchasing at least 630 additional tons at the 2018 price point, $84.53 per ton. The cost of the township’s road salt is paid from either the Gasoline Tax Revenue, the Motor Vehicle License Tax Revenue, or from the Road and Bridge Fund.

“We always plan for a high rate and hope it comes in low,” said Trustee John Karl. “Unfortunately, that’s not the case this year. Like this year, prices were high in 2015: in fact, they were almost identical, totaling $84.41. The following year salt prices dropped to $42.24 per ton. It’s just a supply and demand thing. If we have a mild winter, it will be cheaper next year.”

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