On August 18, Breitenbach Winery hosted its first First Crush 5 Mile Run, beginning and ending at the winery.

The race took 127 runners and walkers East on Old Route 39, over Gordon Road, and around Broad Run Dairy Road. This 5-mile route is a popular walking and running route for residents who live along these roads.

Winners were Matt Hizer, 33, of New Philadelphia with a time of 33:34.7 and Bekah Zinkon, 24, of Dover with a time of 37:39.5.

Congratulations to all Dover finishers:
Jonathan Rohrer (41:41.9), Britney Dennison (48:56.7), Lauren Rainsburg (51:36.0), Cheryl Staley (52:15.7), Jan Scupp (54:08.9), Micah Dennison (54:09.9), Amy Zeger (54:11.2), Jennifer Moore (57:26.1), Marlene Aeling (58:52.6), Nancy Branch (1:01:26.5), Jennifer Sugalski (1:02:02.3), Beth Diklonato (1:15:52.3), and Laura Donaldson (1:20:50.7).